Of course there’s a huge list of obvious things you need to have while your baby is on the way (thermometer, diapers, bottles, clothes and others) but the items below should be on the top of your list! Also, the process at the hospital for childbirth can look different in different countries so you may need other things – but these are things that can keep you from going crazy during the whole childbirth process and first few weeks after.

Dear father! Remember that your women will do the hardest work in the world. We’ll never even feel a small portion of what she’s going to go through.

When you start to prepare a “pregnancy bag” to take to the hospital, make sure you pack things that will keep her in a good mood and provide strength.

  1. Bluetooth speaker (with built-in or additional power bank) – natural childbirth can take many hours, and your favorite music can really help pass the time. I have heard some dads say it took days! I was prepared with lots of music and my speaker but never ended up using it. Fortunately for us, the labor process for our princess took only 30 minutes – so there was no time for music!
  2. Chocolate – to provide a bit of energy when she is exhausted.
  3. Camera – be sure you are able to record the first seconds/minutes of your baby. It is amazing! I even took a selfie with my wife and doctor in the middle of the action… only for our eyes, but really beautiful and sentimental.
  4. Dear dad, don’t forget about yourself! Now that the baby has arrived, you’re the happiest guy in the world. When you go back home (usually after a long night in the hospital) – have a beer! Remember the way it tastes – that will be the best beer of your life (for a long, long time). I was sitting in my kitchen on the floor, smelling my hands and clothes with the smell of a newborn child. It was wonderful.
  5. Now you need to focus on the mother of your baby, too. She did the greatest job ever, she gave you a child! Remember – buy her flowers, clean up the house, and be supportive. You don’t need to buy a diamond (but highly recommended) – just highlight to her that she’s awesome!!
  6. Car Seat – You need to have it immediately. Safety first. Buy a good and safe seat for your precious new baby.
  7. Heater Fan – this one is not mandatory but can help when the standard heater or A/C won’t work. Sometimes you’ll need to ensure proper temperature for the baby (eg. bath time).
  8. Baby basket with wheels – Two important things that will help you to be calm. Your baby can sleep whenever you are (or maybe it’s the other way around…).
  9. And whisbear; a really smart toy which generates white noise to ensure calm sleep for the baby.
  10. Baby swaddle – it will buy you some extra hours of sleep. The baby feels really comfortable in that thing!
  11. Baby Wrap – this is amazing. You’ll really feel close to your baby; it’s one of the best things I bought and I’ve used it every day since the beginning. #carrynotscary
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Jacek Zbieraj - engineer, father of 1yo Sara, co-blogger on http://zbierajsie.pl (Zbierajsie means - move on/up) Together with wife Magda create an open challege #52breathsOfNature (#52oddechynatury) for this year. It's to prove themselves (but also all people around) that bay is not an excuse or chain on the leg. We as a parents can still be actvive, do sports, travel, hiking. #52breathsOfNature is a full year event which call them to spend each weekend (or at leat 1 day a week) somewhere in the nature. Far from the traffic, polluted city, computers etc. They want to show our children that milk is not from the carton box but from cow. That grass is not a carpet but real plant. Everyone around always say "you will see when you became a parent - you'll be sitting on the couch" but they won't! Sara had her first long trip when was 8weeks old - through whole Country from south to north to the seaside. As 5month old baby had her first flight (Greece), now as 1yo she's going to have her first overseas flight from Poland to the West Coast of USA for a California trip.