“A man’s word is his bond.” What does this statement mean to you?

Every man has the opportunity to choose the type of father he will be with his child. There is so much power in that choice and it directly impacts the quality of life for their child.

Fatherhood should enhance the man you’ve grown to be. The experience will shine light on your strengths, contest your weaknesses, and encourage growth in your perspective.

The foundation of the man I’ve become is constructed on integrity, respect, and responsibility. Making a conscience effort to do what I say I’ll do, be reliable, and trustworthy, is how I define the phrase “A man’s word is his bond”. My word became much more meaningful when I become a father. In choosing to become a parent, I entered an agreement to love, provide for, and teach my child. The responsibility of fatherhood is a daily motivator for me to continue striving for excellence.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of having a promise broken, and quite honestly, it sucks – especially when it’s your parent. I don’t strive to be a perfect parent, but I work daily to be a dad that my daughter can trust, talk to, and respect. We’ve established trust through my consistency in keeping my promises. I speak honestly when we communicate, even when it’s made me uncomfortable. Earning her respect allows me to institute effective discipline.

When my daughter is in my presence, I know she’s observing and learning by my actions. I’m aware she will replicate my behavior, so I am certain to speak, behave, and carry myself in a manner that I wish for her to follow. My ability to request her to be her best and do the right thing is calculated by my success of setting the example of what that entails.

The commitment in keeping one’s word is solely determined by the man himself. The desire to be respected, trusted, and the personal power within one’s self determines the effort a man is willing to give to establishing strength in his word.

I often make mistakes and mishandle situations, and I openly acknowledge those mistakes. I apologize if necessary and I communicate my plans on striving to do better in the future. I hope to represent a man who’s honest, treat’s people the way I want to be treated, practicing what I preach, and committed to my goal of teaching my daughter how a man should treat her.

I aspire to be my child’s role model. I seek to be the person she looks up to and the standard for which she uses to make her decisions.

Are you being true to yourself by keeping your word?

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Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner is a Proud Dad and sewing enthusiast. As the founder of Daddy Dressed Me by Michael Gardner, he uses fashion and creativity as a tool to bond with my 5 year old daughter Ava. He sews the clothing and she models it. He was raised by his Mother and Grandmother to be intelligent, respectful and responsible. A native of the City of Brother Love, Philadelphia, Pa., he is college educated, currently working in Finance and striving to be the best father for his Princess.