Up late again, searching on Google?

Been there. Done that – too many times to count.

What if you could find the answers you were looking for without having to search for hours?

Look no further. We are a group of dads who have been there before. Advice? We’ve got that. DIY tips? Check. Dad jokes? You better believe it. We have different backgrounds and experiences but one thing we have in common – we are all called Dad!

Feel free to browse around and see what some of the dads have pulled together for you. And if you are happy with what you see, we would love for you to join our team and contribute some advice of you own.

Thanks for stopping by!

– They Call Me Dad Writer’s Group


Want to join us? Send questions or potential posts to submissions@theycallmedad.com.


Jeremy Blaise

Jeremy Blaise


Jeremy is the father of a baby girl with another little one due in January. His reason for starting They Call Me Dad? To unite dads in their common goal of being a positive influence on their children.