Author: Aaron Blakeley

How To Have The Talk. Yes The One About Sex.

There is a moment in every father’s life where you as a father will have to explain to your loin fruit (that is your children) how they became children. Specifically, what you did with your loins to produce said loin fruit, you know…what sex is, where babies come from, and how good it is in marriage. Oh man, you are sweating just reading the first few words. I see “The Talk” as kind of like changing a diaper. It needs to be done, you have to do it, and the only way to get through is to just do...

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Parenting is The Bloodless Revolution

In a previous article I made a declaration about how everything you had hoped would work to change the world has failed. Social media, politics, protests and your church have done nothing but make a steady slide backwards, a slide called entropy, a slide into societal chaos. This story, this struggle is a part of us, you and I. So let us cast the characters in our play that we might tell the story and know ourselves. Our protagonists are you and I, we do not see eye to eye. Our antagonists are an increasing misunderstanding and inability to...

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Know Thy Self or I Wish You Were Dead

The names are changed in this story to protect the precious. I wish you were dead. – Eldest Child This is the worst thing a child has ever said to me. Probably won’t be the worst in the long run but still, to date, it is the one that has hurt the most. Let me list off some things that have been said that were the worst before the next was said. Deaf Boy Fatty Stupid Idiot Fat Stupid Jerk I hate you remember that time you (insert some mistake) Then  I Wish You Were Dead I am a...

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