Author: Derek Holder

Myth Busting – Balance Fatherhood and Your Personal Goals

I’m sure many would agree if I said: Having a family means letting go of your personal goals.  As it turns out, that’s… FALSE! In reality, you can have a family (a wife and 3 kids 😉 ) that you fully support… …all while keeping the fire burning for your own passion(s). Today, I’m going to share the 3 behaviors that allow me to balance romance, fatherhood, and personal satisfaction. 1. When You’re In, Be ALL In This one is important. It’s also increasingly difficult in today’s world. We all have so much pulling at our time and attention...

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3 Reasons Why This Dad Will Be Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day

I’m sure most of us can agree with this statement: One day a year really isn’t enough recognition for everything a mother actually does. Sure, roles are changing – dads are stepping up a little more. Being a guy, though, I can safely say that we get way more notoriety for our transition into parenthood than our female counterparts. Everyone points out how much we’ve grown in order to fill the fatherhood shoes. That old adage that “women are meant to be nurturers” comes to mind. I’m known to cut against the grain though, so bear with me… Traditionally,...

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The Best Kept Secret That Every Dad Should Know

I think dads​ everywhere can agree with me when I say: Being a father in today’s world is more stressful than ever. Here’s the deal, though: As it turns out, there’s something about parenting that no one ever really tells you… …a vital, little tid-bit of advice that gets censored by the loud world we live in. Today, I want to share it with you. Modern Day Dad Hats Before I do that, though, I’d like to look at where we stand… Just a couple of decades ago, our paternal role was very different. I’ve recently turned my kids...

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