Author: Jack Heimbigner

How Your Father and His Father Before Him Shape You Today

There is a huge debate over Nurture v. Nature. Are we made a certain way? Or, have we developed a certain way? To be quite honest, I have no idea. I used to think that it was all nature. We have a natural inclination and that was that. Now, that I am a father, I think it is a “both/and” situation. We do have natural tendencies, but we are also shaped by our father too. While I have some natural bent to being a father, I do see how the happiest or funniest of memories have developed me into wanting...

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Intentional Transitioning to Two Children

One of the sweetest memories I have of my kids is when my oldest daughter met her little sister for the first time. She had gotten to have a “sleep over” with one of our friends. When I picked her up she gave me the usual happy little girl greeting of running at me and yelling, “Daddy!” Her little two year old legs couldn’t carry her fast enough to me. I proceeded to tell her that her sister was on the outside now and that we were going to meet her. We would visit mommy and sister soon. It...

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Three Guiding Principles for the Daddy Daughter Date

There are few things more important to me than my little girls. They need me in their lives and I need them in my life. It is clear to me when my three year old walks up to me and says, “Daddy, I need you.” There is nothing more endearing and convicting than that one sentence from my little girl. While I love to get up with my girls in the morning and I love to do bedtime, Daddy Daughter Dates are a special time. If you have been a dad with a little girl or are expecting a...

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