Author: ModernCynical

Don’t Take My Advice

My advice? Don’t take my advice. During my wife’s pregnancy we attended various parenting classes that covered many aspects of the imprecise, intangible vocation of parenthood. They covered all sorts of things from changing and feeding, the hard sell on the ‘breast is best’ campaign, and how to cope with the baby blues and PND. All very interesting and we walked into these sessions with an open mind, already decided that we would take it all with anything between a pinch and a fistful of salt. There was one area that the midwives seemed to be pushing more than...

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Fatherhood Unspoken: Postnatal Depression

I am a lucky man. I have known that for years now. I married a wonderful woman, we have a comfortable home, good jobs and were fortunate enough to have had our family plan in place long before we started trying for our little girl. Once we were expecting, we went to parenting classes, bought piles of books, and I (sometimes reluctantly) watched the TV shows on childbirth my wife seemed to enjoy so much. I wanted to gather as much knowledge as I could – I wanted to be a good Dad. Still, none of it prepared me...

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