Biblical Worldview Guide Through Fatherhood

I am a Longview Texas Poet, and Writer. I dad hard, am a Christian, foster parent and love to try and describe the ineffable. Oh and haiku web comic.

Combining parenting, technology and cool

Exploring the challenges and joys of being an intentionally present dad, every day.

Trying to help dads…including me…be better dads one bullet point at a time

Helping Dads Find Cool Activities And Events They Can Love With Their Kids!

A Canadian Dad Figuring Out Fatherhood

Dad of Boy, a stay at home Dad blogging about his life.

parenting…for your entertainment

sometimes, when he lets the kids watch TV…

The Musings of an Irish House Husband.

The average knuckle-dragging man, who’s also a dad.

Fun loving look at what it takes to be a working Dad. You won’t learn anything but you might enjoy our story!

A rough around the edges Work-at-Home Single Dad, rookie blogger, father’s rights advocate and story teller. Sharing the memories, success and blunders in fatherhood one Chapter at a time.

The Adventures of a 50-Something First-Time Dad

Stay At Home Dad in Kalamazoo

A Parenting Blog About Life As A Working Dad To My 4 Year Old Daughter. Other Random Musings May Appear.

A Fellowship for New Fathers.

New dad with a soft spot for dad jokes, desserts, and the oxford comma. I’ve always wanted kids so I could play w/ their toys.

The Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad

An awesome blog covering Parenting, Marketing and Techy stuff. I’m a first time Dad, long time marketing nut and out-right geek.

Proud dad of 3 under 8s. Voted ‘best daddy ever’ by one and ‘rubbish at reading and football’ by another, but the youngest is yet to form a reliable opinion.

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