That’s it, the final bell sounded and our delightful little angels are at home for two whole weeks! If, like me, you’re children go to one of those schools where the parents think they’re some kind of Posh & Becks, you’ll appreciate the feeling on a day like today when parents, even the Beckham’s, give eachother the same look. A look that says nothing more than ‘good luck!!’. I spoke to one of the nice dads at the school (I’m from a different area and apparently that makes me scum to most other parents at the school) who told me he was taking his kids away for a few days to a caravan site in Wales. The price he’s paying completely justified our decision to take the kids to the US during term time. Astronomical!

For us, we’re quite lucky. In Staffordshire, we have a fair amount going on over the two week break and most of it is on our doorstep. We have annual passes at Trentham Gardens which we make the most of. We all love it there and we can take the dog. If you are from my neck of the woods and haven’t been, I strongly recommend you do so! Then we have the numerous parks around here, which is always good to kill an hour or so. Noah has asked me to teach him football skills and I’m more than happy to (try) and do that! We also have a day pencilled in to visit Chester Zoo. Again, we love it there! We did the Blue Planet Aquarium last year for mine and Noah’s birthday and, to be honest, it was pretty naff! But we do love the Zoo. It obviously costs a bit but with all that we have locally, we can afford to take a day off work and head up there!

That’s one week down!! Second week, we’ve got more park visits and a craft day in Natalie’s shop, sandwiched in between a trip down south to visit family and friends. We moved away five years ago now and its still a gruelling few days when we do it!

That’ll more or less do it for our Easter break. I’m full of positivity and optimism right now but I’m sure by Monday that will have changed! Let me know what you and you’re families are up to this Easter! Start the conversation with me and some of the other dads on the new They Call Me Dad Facebook page.

Keep on Dadding,


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Charlie Babington
Charlie lives in Staffordshire in the UK with his wife Natalie and their three beautiful children, Noah (3), Charlotte (6) and Ryan (14). He started his blog and Instagram account because he felt like he couldn't be the only Dad out there that this day to day stuff was happening to! A few weeks later, he found himself talking to likeminded dads everyday and enjoying every moment, becoming a better parent along the way!