So here I am, 8 weeks into my new adventure as a dad and I have faced the following struggle countless times so far, all the while being the one that is “in control”. How many parents struggle on a daily basis to walk out the door with their child/ren for any given reason? My better half and I were given advice early on in the pregnancy that this was bound to happen and we were even told about the amazingly funny Michael McIntyre who spun it in his own comedic way. Have a look here. Our reaction to this video: “Nah, we will be right. That won’t happen to us at all.”

Fast forward to the time after the birth of little Lawson. In the first few weeks of any newborn’s life, parents are usually battling with a form of sleep deprivation that would match the tactics used by intelligence agencies across the world (I say usually, because I am sure there are some lucky ones out there that don’t have this problem). This sleep deprivation causes parents to forget the simplest of things over and over again, usually when you need to get out of the house. My first instance of this was after a particularly long night of settling the little guy, and we were headed out to run an errand the next morning. We had driven 30 minutes up the road only to realise that we had, LEFT THE PRAM (aka stroller) at home! Really??!! After toying with the idea of just buying a new bloody pram at the shops, we decided to just head home and forget about our plans.

Fast-forward another 2 weeks and we have yet again, forgotten something. This time, it was probably the most important thing that you could ever bring with you (no it wasn’t him – yet) it was the Nappy Bag. The amazingly awesome Nappy Bag that my better half wanted from Mimco. We had only realised we had forgotten it when we arrived at the wedding of some friends of ours. Needless to say, we were so very lucky that ‘Narnie’ lived just around the corner from the wedding venue.

I’m used to being in control – like remembering things before I leave the house. Now, it seems as though I need a checklist of things as tall as me before we can even turn the car on.  Bottles, dummies, spare clothes for both him and us, spew cloths, nappies, wipes, blanket, socks, mittens, Panadol (just in case), wraps, capsule, pram, and lastly, HIM!!

Keep in mind that leaving the house doesn’t necessarily mean to jump in a car and head anywhere. You would think that after so many incidents already of forgetting things when going out the door I would learn, right? WRONG!! The Mrs. and I thought it would be a lovely afternoon to take Lawson for a walk around our estate. We didn’t think much of it; it would only be 30 minutes or so.  So all we took was the pram and the little guy. How silly!!! Lawson decided to drop Poonami on us. The first indicator of this was the smell. A smell that would most definitely stand the test of time and outlast religion. The second indicator was the lovely discolouration of his cute elephant jumpsuit that added a certain touch that can’t be found in any fashion magazine.

I was never a boy scout, but I hear they have a pretty good saying for things such as these – “Always be prepared”.

Stu Ablitt
Stu is a 27 year old new dad to Lawson (squishy face) and his partner's name is Ashleigh. He is a Primary School Teacher in Queensland, Australia. You can check out and follow his page on Instagram @the_newdad where he documents his adventures of becoming a dad for the first time.